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Strengths of our Ontario-based Consortium
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A high probability of commercial success in Ontario is favoured by the existence of an outstanding research and redevelopment base. Our consortium scientists have been extremely successful in attracting major research grants from MRC, NCIC, NSERC, NIH, PRO and CITO (2 Ontario centers of excellence), IRIS and CAN (2 federal network of centers of excellence), ORDCF and CFI for projects in medical imaging and image guided therapy. The infrastructure provided by our partner institutions and the access to a receptive research-based clinical environment is extremely advantageous to our private sector partners and this has already laid the foundation for a significant number of partnerships developed to commercialize intellectual property. Particularly exciting, several of OCITS' investigators have founded new Ontario companies that are now making products and achieving international sales.

These start-up companies are CADMIT (Sherar, Wilson), ATAMAI (Peters), and Canadian Prostate Center (Sherar, Trachtenberg). Others will be formed as a result of intellectual property generated in our partner institutions. In application areas requiring major imaging systems such as MRI, CT, ultrasound and Tomotherapy (a new concept in radiation therapy), the participation of large multinational companies is necessary to realize the opportunities by promoting the formation of marketing partnerships between the multi-nationals and our Ontario companies. Strong research relationships already exist with U.S. or multi-national companies to satisfy this requirement for success (GE-Canada, Marconi, Varian, Tomotherapy, ATL-Canada). In many cases, the prospect of close research ties and investment by ORDCF is spurring the establishment of significant commercial R&D investments and operations by these companies in Ontario. In addition, partnerships in our consortium between the Onatrio-based companies and the multi-nationals will accelerate access to worldwide marketing channels for our innovations.

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